I’mmmmm Bbbbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk…

Okay. So it’s been a year-ish since I’ve written in the blog. Let’s she, how have things changed…

1) Weight loss – I’m down 85 lbs. I’m proud to be in my high school size (you better believe I put on one of my prom dresses the other day and danced with the hubbz). Here’s a photo from around 70 lbs lost:


2) Job – So I quit my job at the end of 2011 so that I could student teach. Amazing fact, I have never been happier and more relaxed. Although I do severely miss TxtingMrDarcy, I do not miss the day in and day out crap associated with my monster boss. Which reminds me of a story: queue foggy cloud scene…the last day of work…I had a mini party of pizza and goodbyes from coworkers. The vice president of the department told me to leave by 1pm at the latest since it was my last day. I said adios to friends and then decided to contact the boss to say goodbye. “I was getting ready to take off, I’ve checked with coworkers and everyone is caught up. Have a gre….” MS, as she is referred to as, responded with “sure, as long as you use vacation…” now if I had been bright and witty I would have responded with: sure, I’ve got a cough, should take sick time. (PS, the company pays out vacay time not sick time). Instead, I hung around for the entire time. Ugh. But good news is, I am done with that place and never even used it as a reference.

3) School – I finished student teaching. Fact, I should have always been a teacher. I loved every single minute of teaching. I miss student teaching sooooo much. These are some photos of my going away party at school:


I am so glad to be in this profession and cannot wait for…

4) Job 2 – I accepted a teaching position already. I will be teaching 8th grade science. Starting August 3rd, I will finally have my own classroom. You better believe I’m reading up on my classroom management books. From my class of student teachers, I am 1 of 2 who have jobs. I am not extremely confident with the positions available this year, but am proud to have the position I have.

5) Random – nothing new to add with me and the hubby or our crazy doggie. I got trapped in an elevator with one of my sisters last weekend. The hubbz and I are looking at buying a new car (I like the gmc terrain). Other than that….life is good.

Until next time…

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Where has the time gone?

Would you believe that it is already November? Things are going steadily along. I’m still working on this semester’s classes. The time is ticking down to when I get to teach and I am super excited to do so!

Last weekend, we had some professional photos taken. Hopefully sooner than later, I can post so updates regarding us. And there have been a few…

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Is only a little while away. In short, what does this mean?

-wedding in hburg!
-anniversary to Mexico
-um, Halloween.

Yes, we have already begun the find the Halloween costumes this year. I’m still up in the air on ideas. I want scary. The hubbz wants sexay. (Because he’s ubber proud of our accomplishments so far.) But don’t worry, I’ve been working on cute dresses and stuff for Mexico and for a certain awesome wedding since…well since June. Wha? That’s right, ‘Mexico and Harrisburg’ have been my excuses to pick a little this and a little that, up. I’ve noticed that shopping has become fun again…since losing 60 lbs! Muhahaha. Gotta love it.

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Um, Hi.

I fell off the face of earth. And it’s only going to get worse. Summer grad school has begun, volleyball leagues are crazy, and…well it’s summer. Summer = fun stuff.

Update: I have lost 48.4 total pounds. My husband and I were discussing this–it’s the size of my dog at her heaviest (um, yes, she’s been doing WW too). 😉

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May, the month of weddings

On Easter the hubz and I dressed up for Mass. He decided, Easter was the best time to start breaking in his new burgundy shoes we bought with his brand new suit, after we got married. First off, he tried on a pair of navy pinstripe slacks that he was able to wear once. And let me tell you…they looked sex-ay and they fit! For the past three years they had not fit him well (nor buttoned). So then he decided to put the belt on that matched the shoes. He slid it on but realized quickly that there wasn’t a belt hole that would work for him. The belt was too big. So I told him to try and exchange it for a smaller size when he had free time.

Yesterday was his free time. He went in, without a hassle. When I got home from work, it suddenly dawned on me, if the belt didn’t fit how would the suit? And the suit had been tailored to fit him, oh no! So while I was preparing dinner he tried on a suit. It fit. Too bad the suit he tried on was a pinstripe from high school and not the recent $800 suit we bought. So I sent him back upstairs to “try on the new one this time”. He came downstairs barely able to hold up the pants. “I think this is too big.”

We ran back to Men’s Warehouse. Now let me tell you something…I am super impressed with this company. The Hubz came in and besides the fact that the man who had helped the Hubz earlier instantly recognizing him, he went above and beyond. The Hubz had lost 4 sizes. Instead of charging us for an extra suit, he simply traded it in for a smaller size (all we had to pay for were alterations). The best part: everything will be done by May 4th, time for the wedding on the 7th. And then again for the rehearsal dinner on the 13th. And why not another wedding on the 21st. Oh yeah.

Brides out there: use Seriously, I have never been more satisfied as a customer.

Update today:
I lost 1.6lbs. Total lost 36lbs.
The hubz lost 4 lbs. Total lost 32.

Note: When you lose weight you are super excited to buy new pretty clothes. I however am the typical girl. I buy clothes, forget I own them, and fall upon them later. This instance happened this morning. Around Xmas I bought a cute black dress. I decided that I had wanted to wear it today. I tried it on for the first time since Xmas. Too big. Unlike the hubz, I can’t just return this one. It was bought on the sale rack. I think its almost time for me to hit up a consignment shop.

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At Work Meetings are done?!?

Last week, my at-work program for weight loss concluded. The way the program works, they need around 15 people from work to sign up for the program to continue. Currently, they still need 5 more people. So I went to the husband to see what he suggested. After all, the hubz has been doing the program the entire time, at home. He had been getting pointers from me but as long as I bought the books and we had the WW apps, he’s been able to take care of everything at home. He suggested that I try at-home for a while. I could always get back into the online information if I wanted or if I needed an extra kick, attend a meeting here and there. SO, that’s the plan for now. We’re going to continue the program but by doing it at home.

So, I weighed in last Thursday, and here are our stats:
–I lost .8 lbs and am currently down 34 lbs.
–The hubz lost 2.5 lbs and is currently back to being down 28lbs.

The hubz and I are taking this diet to heart. It is important to us that we stay with it and even after we reach our goals, to stay with it. We want to have a healthy family in the future. This is one sure way to secure that.

Easter is this weekend. While this weekend is crazy homework weekend (yay finals next week), this also means that we will not be able to travel home to our families for the holiday. So, instead, one of our couple friends will be coming over for Easter. BTW, is it fair to suggest that due to Easter, I should be allowed to get a “new” Easter dress? Hey – it’s Easter! Since our friends are not on WW, we’re attempting to make a meal that’s not obviously a DIET meal….so here goes the menu I’m thinking thus far (courtesy of ww recipes):

Raspberry Glazed Ham – 5pts per serving
Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower – 2 pts per serving
Green Beans with Caramelized Onions – 1 pt per serving
Spinach with Tomatoes and Feta Salad – 3 pts per serving

They don’t sound too healthy, do they? Glazed, mashed, caramelized, and feta don’t really speak healthy to me. Let’s just hope everything turns out.

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Oh yeah, update.

The hubbz gained 1.2 lbs. We think its because he’s been a little inactive. He still lost over 26lbs!

I lost 5.2 lbs. Total lost 32.2 lbs. I blame my volleyball league, or perhaps zumba, heck maybe it was the monster gardening I did this weekend. Regardless, I like it!

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