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Eat @ Joes

It’s a good thing I don’t live on a coast.  Or that I’m trapped on an island like Cast Away. This weekend, my youngest sister and her boyfriend came into town to visit.  We decided it to go to Joe’s … Continue reading

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Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with Zombies. I ‘heart’ Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, World War Z, basically if it has zombies, I’m game. (I blame Thriller and growing up with it playing on MTV and … Continue reading

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Circle Yes or No

The invites are ready to go out.  For some reason this is an anxiety filled task.  It reminds me of 4th grade. Do you like me? Circle yes or no.  But today its like: Do you like US? Circle yes … Continue reading

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O.D.E. (one day event) not an Ode to…

Most little girls dream about the day they will get married.  They envision the flowers, plan the style of the dress, and even submit their poor, defenseless Fido to their dad’s black shirt.  Poor Fido. These same little girls grab … Continue reading

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Mr. Yezel and I have the smartest dog known to man. She is freakishly intelligent in dog ways AND in people ways. Oh, and she talks, we both swear by it. Dog way example: “I’m going to hide my dog … Continue reading

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The Ring….Plate

What’s the point of having a ring pillow? According to tradition… The history of using a ring bearing pillow dates back to ancient Egyptian weddings, when jewels were displayed on rare ornamental pillows during a wedding. As it became common … Continue reading

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Crafty, McCrafts A Lot.

For the gift to my bridesmaids, Mr. Yezel and I picked out pearl necklace sets and Coach clutches. I’m really proud of the gifts for the girls except for the boxes that the pearls came in.  So being that I … Continue reading

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