Crafty, McCrafts A Lot.

For the gift to my bridesmaids, Mr. Yezel and I picked out pearl necklace sets and Coach clutches. I’m really proud of the gifts for the girls except for the boxes that the pearls came in.  So being that I wanted to add another thing on to the list of…”what else don’t I have time for, we added jewelery boxes.”  Seriously, crafts are very calming to me.  I think it’s the many, many, MANY years spent in girl scouts or the fact that I don’t mind messes with crafts.  So this is what I did this morning…

1) Bought wood boxes from craft store.

2) Painted them white.

3) Picked out cute scrapbook paper for boxes. (See they can hold more than jewelery…recipes, letters, LOVE NOTES, etc.) And no, they aren’t wedding related or my wedding colors.

4) Cut out paper with scrapbook cutter.

5) Mod Podged them to the boxes.

6) Rotated the colors to give the inside of the boxes some flair.

6) Let dry!

Crafty Mess

This is what happens when I want to do crafts.

And the finished project.

Yay, boxes!

Yay, boxes!

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