Mr. Yezel and I have the smartest dog known to man. She is freakishly intelligent in dog ways AND in people ways. Oh, and she talks, we both swear by it.

Dog way example: “I’m going to hide my dog toy because I’m bored of it. And then I’ll go find it. Yep, I’m self entertaining because the Yezels are freaking boring.” And she will do this with her head cocked to the side, philosophizing.

People way example: “I can play the Yezels for a fool. Ahh, they are watching Marley and me. This is the ticket…stand in front of that ‘box with 2D images’ and look cute. Wait…wait for it…”
In between sniffles, Yezel and Mr. Yezel look down at London. “OHHHHHH…MY LONDON!” Says Yezel. “She needs a treat, the poor baby!”
“You’re right…” Mr. Yezel says speaking baby gumble, “how about a ‘frosty paw’ for the most amazing dog ever?”
All the while London thinks: “soooooooo easy.”

Last night, London decided to pull one of her smart dog antics. Mr. Yezel and Yezel couldn’t decide on what to watch on TV. The choices were some animal show, some chick flick, and a baseball game. London actually took affection to the chick flick because she would stop checking out her basket of toys when it was on. Suddenly she had an idea. She would run around crazy and harass you to play ‘rope’ unless you had her show on.
Chick flick = Quite London, sitting in front of the TV.
Animal Show = CRAZY LONDON
After a couple tests of switching channels, the decision was made. Chick flick. Crazy, smart dog.

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