O.D.E. (one day event) not an Ode to…

Most little girls dream about the day they will get married.  They envision the flowers, plan the style of the dress, and even submit their poor, defenseless Fido to their dad’s black shirt.  Poor Fido. These same little girls grab mom’s lacey table runners and affix them to their hair for makeshift veils.  Sometimes there is a tea party and sometimes their best friends plays the priest. 

All for the point of…the wedding.

I was not one of those little girls.  I was too busy playing tag, Cops/Robbers, red-rover, hide-and-go-seek, Nintendo (heck yes, I rule at Mario Brothers), picking up flowers/rocks/etc looking for ways to explain why they are the way they are (science geek, I know), or pretending my sand box was a baker’s dream (seriously, you could add water and the wet sand would clump and be the consistency of brown sugar).  My Barbie got married but that was only because what else should Barbie wear a wedding dress to?  Also, my best friend, growing up, was a little boy. 

So…put that girl together with your typical, all American sporty boy and poof…do you get a wedding? Not exactly.  Yes there will be a church, dinner, and dancing.  But no, I am not spending hours upon hours stressing over wedding gowns, veils, or centerpieces.  In fact, that stuff really, really bores me. 

My dress was the fourth one I tried on (I have my mother’s hips!), the veil was bought online, and I’m too crafty for my own good. 

When Mr. Yezel and I decided…”we’ve been together for awhile, we love each other, and are ready for the next step”…we knew one thing.  A wedding is a solitary day, but a marriage is forever. 

There is, no matter how much some want to deny it, the wedding industry.  They feed to the expectations of little girls who saw pictures of Princess Diana’s wedding, to the girls who watch hours our Platinum Weddings, or even to the fairy tale weddings of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. 

Mr. Yezel and I got engaged.  Instead of jumping out and finding locations to get married, we planned our futures past the one-day event.  “I want a two story house, garage, and backyard.”  So, we bought our first house instead of the wedding.  We put our wedding on hold for a year, as to us, the home was more important than the wedding. But that has brought us to now.

People come up to us….”are you excited for the wedding?”“We are excited for the ceremony, could care less about the reception, and are REALLY excited for the honeymoon (Mexico people!)” 

So even though we have the expectations of what I would consider my family the ‘old style – Chicago wedding’ and Mr. Yezel has the ‘old style – St. Louis wedding’ we are doing things a little different.

1)       We are having a buffet instead of a seated dinner.  It’s food none-the-less – and the reception hall food is stellar regardless of standing up or sitting down (fight, fight, fight!).
2)       We are serving sheet cake. This actually even works in the taste department.  The bakery we are using has “desert cakes” but can only make these as sheet cakes.  White Chocolate Moose with Raspberries, need I say more?
3)       My dress does not cost more than $600. My parents bought my dress and I argued with my mom about a dress I wear once being more than $500.  She, pushed for a lot more….I only gave in to $600 total.
4)       We are having a soft bar (wine, beer, signature drink). We want people to remember our wedding.
5)       DIY.  I am crafting up a storm on EVERYTHING.
 a.       I ordered my flowers from Costco and plan on doing them the night before. 
b.       I’m making centerpieces off of deals I’ve found on craigslist.
c.        I made the boutonnières.
d.       Much, much, more.

 In the end, the only thing that will matter is that we will be Mr. and Mrs. We will be our own family. We will have said “I Do”. And we will be ready to start our family. (And we’ll have our HM, Mexico!)

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