Circle Yes or No

The invites are ready to go out. 

For some reason this is an anxiety filled task.  It reminds me of 4th grade.

Do you like me? Circle yes or no. 

But today its like:

Do you like US? Circle yes or no. Oh, and how many of you are there. 

It really is happening.  Planning the wedding hasn’t been too stressful or worrysome thus far, well until the wedding invite part.

Over the past two weeks the number kept climbing. 
“Here, add these three?” Mr. Yezel says.
“Who are they?” I asked.
“So and so….they’re family.” He responds.
“Just one question…who aren’t you related to?”

On my side Mr. Yezel has met most everyone or at least seen pictures of the few he hasn’t met, on facebook.  Mr. Yezel has a GIANT family.  Just as an example….there are nine siblings in his dad’s family.  So…we are talking LARGE.  I used to think that my parent’s families were rather big….with each have three siblings.  When Mr. Yezel has had family reunions, I have become overwhelmed and instantly forgotten names.  “It’s okay,” he says, “I’ve done it too!” 

The invites are going to be the most stressful part of the wedding. I am not excited for two weeks out and the nagging phone call of “are you coming, yes or no”.  Luckily, I think that job has been given to our moms. 

Please Mr. Mailman, Mr. Yezel and I spent an asinine amount of hours getting those pieces of magic paper ready.  Mr. Yezel became the “Master of bows” and my printer HATES me.  Do us a favor and don’t lose any, K?



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