Eat @ Joes

It’s a good thing I don’t live on a coast.  Or that I’m trapped on an island like Cast Away.

This weekend, my youngest sister and her boyfriend came into town to visit.  We decided it to go to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner.  I have never been a big fan of fish.  Don’t get me wrong, I will try all sorts of foods, but I just can’t seem to like fish.  I’ve had it all: salmon, sushi, tuna, and even fish sticks, none of which I am a fan of.  Seriously, I can’t even do fish sticks.

BUT, it is said that your taste buds change every seven years or so.  So, I will always try things.  An example of this, that I recently discovered was my dislike for green peppers and onions two years ago.  Suddenly, today, I like them!  Last year I even tried alligator when we were in Florida (granted it was diced and deep fat fried with a beer batter and ranch) but I thought it was…ok.  Not amazing, but not enough to make me not like it.

The chop sticks inch closer and closer to the Yezel’s teenage mouth. “I just don’t think I can do it!”
“Yes, you can!” encourages her friends.
“But it’s raw….and gooey…and SUSHI!” says the Yezel.
“Just try it.  It’s like green eggs and ham!”

The chop sticks are mere millimeters from the Yezel’s mouth.  It’ simple sushi.  Just rice, crab meat, and wasabi sauce wrapped up. Slowly it’s feed to the Yezel.  She tastes it and then quickly bites down to chew.  Suddenly her world spins.  With eat bite she becomes more and more dizzy. The friends observing this taking place decide to move back.  “Sometimes wrong, she doesn’t like it.” Just then the Yezel breaks for the bathroom.

I think I have a problem with some textures of food. And well…seafood.  So I tend to skip out when people are going to seafood restaurants, sushi restaurants, etc, etc.  But since my sister was coming to visit and this was the one place she NEEDED to eat, I agreed.  After all, I know they have chicken, burgers, etc.

It was a fun night.  I ordered a burger and wasn’t completely laughed at.  Food was served.  There was lobster, crab clusters, shrimp, and more.  I was satisfied with my burger.  Suddenly my sister suggested I try some crab.  I looked at it skeptically but then thought, “hey, its been seven or so years, let’s try this.”  The white meat was dripping butter.  I grabbed it and tossed it in.  Again, just like my teenage years, all eyes were on me.

“She’s chewing!” my sister said, giving the play by play.
“You can do it!” Mr. Yezel cheered on.  (Mr. Yezel has ulterior motives though, sea food is his favorite and if I liked it, that means more sea food for dinner.)

As I begin chewing, I had a déjà vu experience. My world was spinning again.  I could taste the butter so I tried to focus on that to swallow my food. Nope, it wasn’t working.  Luckily this time, it wasn’t the spectacle of my teenage years.

Mr. Yezel’s brother in law added: “Wow, you turned the color of your dress!”
“My dress?” I inquired.
“Yeah, its GREEN….and your face matched it, perfectly.”

I turned to Mr. Yezel.  “Are we still eating lobster on the beach on our honeymoon?” I asked.
“We can try it, but you are ordering chicken. I’m proud that you tried it.  Maybe a couple more years?” he said.

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3 Responses to Eat @ Joes

  1. Amy says:

    Great story. I am definitely one of those people who will try everything–food is such an experience for me, you know? I love seafood, but it’s an acquired taste for sure! 🙂

    Side note: you are a really talented writer! Adding your blog to my Reader, don’t know why it wasn’t there before! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Hey again! RE: wedding kids packs. I am going to post about them probably next week, but they include coloring books and crayons, a special toy for either the boys (dinosaurs) or girls (bracelets) and these cute little “wands” I made for when the kiddos want us to kiss. I was going to wrap them all up in ribbon and lay them on the place settings, but I think it will make the table too cluttered so I am putting them in bags with tissue paper to sit on their seats instead. 🙂

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