Princess Leia, TWIRLS?

I like to involve Mr. Yezel in the wedding process. He has participated in various ways. The most recent way, was this conversation:

At dinner the Yezel brings up hair for the wedding. “Mr. Yezel, how should I do my hair?”

Mr. Yezel responds: “You’ll have a better time with it up.”

Being a very good point, Yezel agrees: “I’m doing it up…but how?”

“In twirls.” Mr. Yezel suggests.

“What exactly are twirls? Did you mean curls?” I asked.

“Nope, twirls.” He answered.

Still confused, I decided to ask txtingmrdarcy what twirls were. The thought of Princess Leia hair has come about, being that it is a “twirled” look.

Conclusion: No, Mr. Yezel, you do you not get Princess Leia hair on your bride for the wedding. Note: we did that for Halloween.

I am still lost for hairstyles. Suggestions?

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2 Responses to Princess Leia, TWIRLS?

  1. You totally already gave him twirls. Also: Men should not be consulted on hair options. They use a comb. Sometimes.

    It could be worse. He could be fantasizing about the black leather catsuit worn by walking stick-figure Kate Beckinsale. In “Underworld.”

    That does not translate well to wedding couture.

  2. cali says:

    cute! tell him to save it for the honeymoon…

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