Why I hate hot glue guns, and probably why they hate me too…

This past weekend because the “weekend of crafts”. Well, we got the supplies for the reader/personal attendant gifts and I boycotted working on them after the fight between me and the centerpieces.

Don’t get me wrong. When I grew up, I was a stellar girl scout. I could make a “sit-upon” in t-minus one minute. I could decorate a pine cone for the yearly Christmas Tree Walk at Brookfield, like no one else’s business. I even can solder stained glass boxes like a professional. However, the skills were lacking this weekend. Or perhaps the skills were not lacking but the sheer quantity at hand, overwhelmed the magical hot glue gun.

When we decided October would be a lovely time of year to get married, c/o the amazing falling leaves, I had also decided I didn’t want floral centerpieces. So this had left me with only a few options. Candles. The reception hall does not allow actual candles. Led Tea Lights. What could I do with LED tea lights? After a little searching I came across a very romantic setting of willow branches and lights on some Google site. Ah yes, that would be the motif. Now the question ensued…how do I create the same look on a smaller budget. After all, in my head, centerpieces are nice but I honestly can not remember one from any of the weddings I have been to. I can remember the bride and her lovely dress. I can remember the dancing. I ALWAYS remember the cake. Centerpieces, not so much. I checked with Mr. Yezel:
“Do you remember the centerpieces from any of the weddings you have ever been to?”
“You mean the flowers and such in the middle of the tables?” “Yep.”
“Yezel, I’m a guy. We don’t focus on details like that.”
Okay, so then, case in point. Centerpieces were not a major focus. But, I still wanted them to look pretty, tie in our colors, and be romantic.

I gathered the supplies. I made a list and went directly to craigslist. Luckily a previous bride was selling her vases from her wedding. Check. Later, a lady had held a V-Day Dance for her church and was selling strands of crystals and white curly willow branches. Double check! I went to eBay and bought a massive supply of battery operated tea lights. Holy cow, check. So I went to the craft store and picked up a bazillion bags of black rocks and dragon-eye’s in clear. Mr. Yezel specifically hated this part. He is, after all, the amazing brawn to these projects and rocks do not exactly weigh nothing. I also scouted the lands far and near for, you guessed it, ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon. Checkity, check. And so the weekend began.

I looked at how the white curly willows looked in the glasses. Being curly willows, unlike Manzanita branches, they do not hold a lot of weight. So I wasn’t able to purchase hanging glass holders. I instead decided to create my own holders. I hot glued a smaller ribbon for the hanger, to the sides of the tea light. I then wrapped around the tea light the same color ribbon. Who needs glass tea light holders when you can hot glue/ribbon your own. My finger tips were the only consequence of this idea. For some reason, I have never been able to avoid sticking my fingers in hot glue. Be it, trying to close the ribbon “seam” or just “testing” if something is hot. It’s like the whole idea when you were a kid and mom used to say “don’t touch that, it’s hot” and if you were me, you so would touch it. And this is why I hate hot glue.

So all in all, things turned out nicely. Since our tables our rectangle, the centerpieces will be in the middle with candles trailing along each side. The smaller tables will be decorated with luminaries (to be created at another time) via the tea lights and vellum paper. And also, adding to the romantic mood, the reception hall dims the lights. Perfect for our reception.

The reason hot glue guns hate me? I like to do massive quantities of hot gluing. Example, I went through an entire bag of “refill hot glue rods”. An entire bag!

The beginningThe middle...dear god its a messThe end.  phewTada!

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One Response to Why I hate hot glue guns, and probably why they hate me too…

  1. Way to go, Crafty McCraftsalot! They’re awesome. šŸ™‚

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