Big Girl Shoes

Mr. Yezel is 6’ tall, shoeless. I am 5’10” sometimes 5’11”…and I have huge feet. (I guess it makes sense being that I’m so tall. You really can’t see a 5’2” gal with size 10 shoes….but whatevs.)

So, needless to say, I didn’t want 4 inch heels for the wedding day. Besides the fact that I wouldn’t be able to walk for long, I figured that a 2 inch heel would be needed. BUT, in case you have ever looked for 2 inch heels….EVERY SINGLE ONE….is something my grandma would love. I am still in my twenties…I want fun, sexy, and if not asking for too much, comfortable.


-2 inch heel

-dyeable….yes, my something blue is my SHOES! 😉

-closed toe…October wedding….it can be wet, cold, “leafy”, you get the picture.

-wicked cute


I set up my first fitting for my dress at a salon near Mr. Yezel and my house. As I walked inside, I noticed they sold cute shoes. They had the standard “sexy” bridal heels with straps a million, that I can only imagine brides wanting to wear for ten minute ceremonies and still having aching feet after.

Then after a few minutes of picking up nearly every single shoe, I discovered a pair I really liked.

“Do you have these in a size 10?”

“Let me check….oh, not in stock, let me see if I can order….I’m sorry, this is now discontinued.” Said the sales lady.


“But, if you want, you can look through these and we can order ANYTHING. We can dye them all. What style are you looking for, I can try and help.” The sales lady rocked.

And so the task began.

I came across these cutsies.

Image from:

I have had them dyed. They have been returned to me. They are comfy, cute, and even have a little sparkle! Oh yes, I’m doing the “shoe pose”.


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