Engagement Photos

Mr. Yezel and I had engagement photos taken this past weekend. We traveled to visit family along with bringing our centerpieces to make our next trip, in the coming months, easier.

Side note: Our photographer rocks, here are a couple of her photos.

My first thought with this photo: wow, my hair is really that long? Second thought. I can’t hold curl at all in my hair, I wonder if stiff hair is in for wedding hair? Think those 1980’s “poof” bangs. Yeah, you remember them. Don’t even pretend that you don’t. Just admit it, they went well with crimped hair.

Any suggestions for wedding hair – besides Princess Leia looks?

I will call you: “Oh, baby!” Friends are calling this the “steamy” photo. In all honesty, all of these photos, my glasses were off. I wasn’t able to wear my contacts because of some weird, annoyance with my left eye. So here, I was talking to Mr. Yezel asking him to hold me against the wall, since I couldn’t see AT ALL. We’re talking -3.75 people.

The best part about Mr. Yezel, he makes me crack up. All…the…time. The best part about our photographer. She catches this.

And yes, we are both Hawkeyes. His requirement for photos, get some taken at his most favorite place in the world. And no, this isn’t Disney World but for us Hawkeyes, it’s even better.

We are planning on using these pictures for our guestbook. We have seen guestbooks that are actually really fun photo books with spots for family and friends to sign and write notes of advice. That’s the project, among others, for this weekend.

What did you use your engagement photos for?

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One Response to Engagement Photos

  1. Amy says:

    Gorgeous pictures…I even like the Hawkeye one, although I have to say Boo Hawkeyes! (I’m a Wisconsin Badger!) 🙂

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