Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Flower girls are the most darling little things ever. And so are those little tuxes that our ring bearer is going to wear. I had the lucky opportunity to go shopping with my flower girl and her mom a while ago. Lots of salons sell dresses that completely match wedding dresses. My dress, however, will not have a match. It’s rather unique. So, that threw out that idea. My flower girl wouldn’t match. However, as we were shopping we decided white, maybe some pearls, and whatever out little gal was comfy in.

“Do you like this one?” I asked.

Pointing to herself, our flower girl said: “CUUUUUTTTTEEE!”

‘Yes, you are very cute in that one.” I replied.


And then something awesome happened. Our little girl walked over to the shoes. And not just any shoes, she walked over to the “big girl” four inch, black, sparkly shoes.

After seeing those shoes when we walked into the salon, I personally had been thinking: First and foremost, do I need to be four inches taller? And where can I wear those to?

Our flower girl picked up a black sparkly shoe. “VERRRYYYY PREETTYYY.”

“I agree! Those are very fun!”

She then pointed to her feet. “Shoes?”

“Not for you my dear, I’m not sure they come small enough for you.”

She then handed them to me. “Shoes. YOUUUUU?”

“Well, if you insist.”

So we had come to the agreement, at 20 months old, my little flower girl is, already, a shoe-a-holic.

However, we carried on with the task at hand. Find a “pretty” and “cute” dress for our flower girl.

Then we found this one.

And we were all sold.

She is darling and will totally steal the show. I love it. I REALLY can’t wait for the wedding.

Everything is starting to fall into place and I am honestly getting more and more excited…every…single…freaking day.

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