Cake Topper

Can I tell you how much I love ETSY?  Seriously.  It’s the best site ever.  I love, love, love all the pretty homemade items.  I’ve ordered my wedding sash from etsy, Mr. Yezel bought my gift from etsy (ok, I pointed out what I wanted and he ordered it), I’ve gotten gifts from etsy, and now….dun….dun…dunnnnnn……

Our cake topper!

What do you think?



We are doing an “exhibition cake” or in other words, just a two tier cake that Mr. Yezel and I will cut into.  (I would have had less, but Mr. Yezel REQUIRED we eat the top layer on our first anniversary.) So this is a 3″ topper which will work perfectly with our two tier cake.  Do you want to know the real benefit of doing a two tier cake?  WE GET TO GET DESERT SHEET CAKE FOR THE REST OF THE CAKE.  Can I just tell you, we choose our cake vendor because of their desert cake.  Yes, they have very pretty wedding cakes BUT their desert cakes are amazing.  When we did our tasting we knew ahead of time that we would not be able to have the amazing desert cakes for our wedding cake (the desert cakes have whipped toppings, unique layers, etc…) basically, they don’t hold up to fondant or butter-cream frosting.  Mr. Yezel and I didn’t care (well, he really didn’t care, but that’s to be discussed shortly).  We ended up deciding on three flavors.  Let me tell you, this was pure torture because each and everyone…was… amazing.

Milk Chocolate
Chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce & milk chocolate mousse with chocolate whipped cream.

Choice#2:                                                                                                                                            Strawberries & Cream
White cake filled with strawberries & strawberry mousse, topped off with vanilla whipped cream.

White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries
White cake with raspberry sauce & white chocolate mousse, iced with vanilla whipped cream.

Do I need to say more.  Now the reason that Mr. Yezel is excited.  He is getting a tigerhawk



grooms cake. And what he thinks is the best part…it’s going to be a cheesecake.  Yes, me being the choco-holic that I am, I picked a guy who likes cheesecake (I hate cheesecake).

Luckily, both of us get our favorites at our wedding – he gets cheesecake and I get ohmygosh milk chocolate cake.  YUMMM.

Hooray for cake and cake toppers.

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