Fun with Gifts

Over the past couple of weeks, Mr. Yezel and I have been looking for some cute ideas for the reader/personal attendant gifts. After doing some searching, we found the idea for a monogrammed wine glass and a bottle of wine. We even decided that in addition to the usher’s engraved flasks we would give them monogrammed steins as well.

What you need:
Etching Cream (craft store)
Craft Brushes
Glasses/Mugs (Dollarstore)
Contact Paper
Exacta Knife (craft store)
Computer/Printer (Print off Monograms)
Gloves (the etching cream is an acid, so you need to be careful to not get it on your hands)

Step One:
Get all the gear together. I like to use brown craft paper (which comes in large rolls) to cover up workspaces. It makes it an easy clean up.


trans.gifStep Two:
Cut out monogram.

Step Three:
Peel paper from vinyl contact paper and apply to glass. Smooth out bubbles. I even found it useful to take the Exacta knife and trim things to my perfection-required standards.

Step Four:
Put on gloves, grab a brush, and apply the etching cream, thickly. Follow the directions per the etching cream. My cream had me leave it on for 5 minutes.

Step Five:
Wash off etching cream in a constant stream of warm water.

Step Six:
Peel off contact paper and spray/wipe off window cleaner.

Step Eight:

The best part about these: they are still dishwasher safe. After a person uses them they can just drop them in the dishwasher. I hope our readers/personal attendants/ushers enjoy these!

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One Response to Fun with Gifts

  1. You kick lots of ass in the crafting department. These turned out awesome!

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