Wedding Fun

My best friend since eighth grade had to be in my wedding. She’s always been there for me. In fact, she was even the first one to meet Mr. Yezel. Upon meeting him, she said: “You are going to marry him.” So when it came time to figure out who was in the wedding, she had to be there. I am also the oldest in my family. I have two younger sisters. Both of them are special and important to me, so they also had to be in the wedding. That’s three. But I could keep going, the list kept growing. UNSTOPABLE LIST. Mr. Yezel had to put the numbers game to rest. “I have three best friends and that matches equally up to your top three. Lets just do it simply.”

So that was that. Just three on each side.

So the girls and I went out to David’s Bridal to look for bridesmaid dresses. I went to the store with only a couple ideas being:

1) Dresses needed to be black

2) There were a couple I thought were cute (two to be exact) that I wanted to make sure the girls tried on.

3) They got the final say.

So we showed up at our time and the girls tried on my first pick.

But I heard the excuse of: “It’s not wedding enough.” (Yes, wedding became the verb) or “I feel like I’m going out, not going to a wedding.”

So then I decided, maybe it was just the idea of short dresses. Looks like we had to move onto the longer dresses.

Then we tried on my only other option.

It was pretty….but the girls were concerned with seeing arm fat. Girls, we are crazy. The smallest imperfection sends us a-wire. Just for the record, the girls, all, looked stunning in everything. But if they weren’t comfortable, I wasn’t going to push them.

So I let the consultant bring back more options.

They continued to try them all on. Nothing peeking their fancies “This feels Mother of the Bride-y”….said one. It felt like we were getting no where. I started looking at the watch. Dress shopping is hard business.

Finally, they tried on the following dress. And kept going back to it.

“It has a little ruching. Yours does too.”

“Look there’s a little bit of sparkle and we all look amazing!”

“It’s elegant. This is it.”

So they had all made a decision. And this is what my girls are going to wear.

*all dress photos curiosity of David’s Bridal*

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