Guest Book

For our guest book, Mr. Yezel and I used our engagement photos. After all, when you think about it, what do newlyweds do with their guest book anyway.

“Oh, Grandma Yezel was at our wedding.”

Unless Grandma or any other figure in your family is super famous or crazy important, you probably will not be needing to save the “sign in” to the wedding.

We put our heads together and with a little inspiration from other bloggity-blogs, we decided upon created a photo book as the guest book.

The other benefit of using a photo book, we were able to leave empty pages for our guests to sign which allows for more than a signature. We plan on leaving a little note near the guest book for our guests to write advice for the newlyweds or whatever they please.

Besides having our engagement photos saved in book form, we also get to hold on to the comments and advice of our loved ones.

This is the front page fresh out of the box (well minus wrapping and stuff):

This is an open page (yes, the blackberry photos are not stellar but the photo quality of the book is pretty nice.) We will be considering using this company again for our wedding photos:

Here is an example view of one page at a time.

And the other side of that same page.

As you can see there is lots of room for guests to write whatever they feel like.

What do you think about our guest book?

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