A Little Bit of Drama

I am a very lucky gal. Mr. Yezel has been there for me all through-out the wedding process. He lived through my constant “what do you think of this?” or “how about that?”. He has been there for me, constantly backing me with positive ideas and praise.

Where my three bridesmaids have always been there for me, Mr. Yezel has not had the same experience. Then again, boys don’t throw showers. But as my girls began to plan my bachelorette party and I got increasingly excited, I looked at Mr. Yezel. Something was missing. His groomsmen were his best friends since elementary school. Where was his bachelor party? One of his buddies that he grew up with (not standing up in the wedding) decided to come visit us and wanted to see if Mr. Yezel wanted to go to a football game. Mr. Yezel asked me to come along. I then decided: “Let’s make this fun! Let’s make it your Bachelor party!” Mr. Yezel happily agreed. I got some guys (our ushers) excited to come to the game and even suggested Apple Pie*. So at least the bachelor party was set.

One of Mr. Yezel’s groomsmen had not confirmed standing up in the wedding. He had stated that he required a 60-day window to check schedules at work. So, I pestered Mr. Yezel: “It’s 65 days till the wedding, how much longer does he need? We aren’t able to get gifts for the groomsmen and set up the programs until we know for sure.” This set a hard task on Mr. Yezel. He was now put in the position to constantly ask one of his best friends if he could make the wedding. On Sunday, he found out the answer. It was NO. And you could tell that Mr. Yezel was really hurt. The wedding was important to him because his three best friends would be there with him. But now, one of them was not going to be there. We both agreed really quickly on a friend our ours and Mr. Yezel asked him to stand up in the wedding and he excitedly agreed.

“I’m really sorry [name] can’t be in the wedding.” I said.

“It’s okay. [Our friend] is in the wedding in his place.” Mr. Yezel explained.

“You’re hurt, a little?” I questioned.

“Yeah, but you know what? All that matters is that you’re there. It’s about us.” He said.

I know…he’s a keeper.

*Apple Pie is a special recipe usually made for Hawkeye Tailgating *

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One Response to A Little Bit of Drama

  1. Ooo, I know! Pick me! Pick me! It’s booze! 😉

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