Shower #1

Mr. Yezel and I have been busy since the beginning of July.

“Do we have anything planned this weekend?” Mr. Yezel would ask.
“Well, actually, yes. And sadly, I think we’re booked until Labor Day weekend.” Note, this conversation took place back at the very beginning of July. Showers, planning, meetings, planning from afar, etc, etc, etc can put a very busy block on weekends.

Our first shower happened at the beginning of July. Mr. Yezel and I ended up having two showers because our families are almost 800 miles apart. This meant a little traveling for Mr. Yezel and I. The first shower took place in Iowa at my sorority house. My mom and my sisters (bridesmaids) along with my best friend (MOH) went to work on making the day wonderful. My family showed up and “showered” us with amazing gifts.

(Pictures are large, so click on them to blow up the photo)

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