Shower #2

A couple of weeks ago we had our second shower.  It was great to see so many people.  Mr. Yezel and I are truly loved.  We are getting more and more excited every single day.

And now, here is the counter to our wedding! YAY!

Wedding Countdown Ticker

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2 Responses to Shower #2

  1. Wicked Shawn says:

    You are in the midst of the most exciting and stressful time of your life!! So awesome that you are able to keep record of all of it by blogging it. Also, I looked back and saw those gifts you made. Purely full of the awesome!!!

    • Yezelbelle says:

      Sometimes I think it helps me organize everything. It’s so funny because a wedding lasts an entire day but there’s a lot of junk that goes into it 😉

      I’ll keep saying it: I can’t wait for our honeymoon to Mexico with margs on the beach.

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