Wedding Hair

My practice hair appointment is not until four days before the wedding.  This is what happens will you plan a “destination” wedding.  I’m not really worried about the salon because I love it and have been going since I was in high school.  My problem, as every day passes I’ve become more and more fickle minded regarding the style.

Initially, this is what I thought would be darling:


and then it turned into this one:


And then Mr. Yezel convinced me that I would have a better time if I could dance around without having to worry about my hair. “I think you should wear it up.  That way I can dance with you all night and you won’t be running to the bathroom to ‘fix your hair’. And plus, anything on you will look HOT!”

So…that’s where I am now.  I’m caught between ideas.  I know I want to wear my hair up.  I have a pretty, little sparkly clip to wear in my hair along with my cathedral length veil.  I want to have the front side parted, have a little bouffant on top, and perhaps curls or a really elegant chignon.


or a french twist type (left but I sort of like the right one too!)…see how fickle minded I am?


and the chignon (on the far left – the middle is too messy and I don’t feel like peppy long stocking – so nixing anything with braids.)


Decisions, decisions!

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**Photo c/o
***Photos c/o
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3 Responses to Wedding Hair

  1. I too can attest to The Yezel’s fickle nature. I have not seen ANY of these pictures. But I’m sure I’ve got an email with about 4 more. 😉

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