Pre Party!

Mr. Yezel and I ordered some rehearsal dinner invites. We are doing simple flat cards. This is what they ended up looking like (minus the darkened gray…because we prefer to be mysterious):


The back shares the directions from the church to my parents house (who are having everyone over). Mr. Yezel’s parents gave us money to spend on the rehearsal dinner. Whatever was left was our wedding gift. They told us to do whatever we wanted with the money. If we chose to be a little frugal, then we would be able to use the money for the wedding. Since I’m a strong believer that a WEDDING IS JUST A PARTY THAT LASTS ONE DAY, we decided to have a backyard type party and save some put the extra money towards the wedding itself. Mr. Yezel and I are proud that we haven’t had to dip into our savings at all for the wedding. In fact, sometimes, I just do not understand the people that go into debt for a ONE DAY EVENT. *ramble, ramble….I could carry on for a while, but I’ll save you.*

Anyways, we’re going to order our favorite pizza, serve some beer and wine, and give out our awesome wedding gifts. This will create a super relaxed time for our wedding party and their significant others.



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