I’m pretty girly when I see sparklies. I lose my ability to talk. I pretty much melt. Oh, perhaps I should explain. Sparklies equal diamonds. Just ask txtingmrdarcy. It also helps that Mr. Yezel loves to give me sparklies.

“My sister’s taught me that girls love jewelry. So for any special occasion, I think it’s best to get you something you love!”

Great work Mr. Yezel’s sisters! I loves it! LOVES!

But, at the end of this month, I have to turn over my engagement ring to our jeweler. By the way, the photo below makes it look like I only have three fingers. Did I ever mention I’m amazing at taking photos? Especially when gleefully, entranced by the magical sparkily?

So I have to turn in the ring to have my wedding bands soldered to my engagement ring. Mr. Yezel bought me two of the following bands:


(one for each side of the engagement ring)

I am really excited for the wedding ring, as a whole. There is a tiny part of me that is starting to wonder about the change. For one, it won’t be just known as the engagement ring. It will now be the wedding ring. And that makes me giggle. This wedding thing is causing me to revert back to kindergarten and making me giggle at everything. I am SO that little girl that can’t fall asleep because she’s too excited about the next day. The only problem…I’m too excited for the next month.

*side note: I’m getting married next month…EEEK!*

When we went to the jeweler, I made Mr. Yezel pick out what he wanted for a wedding band. It just so happened to be Tungsten.

“I want the strongest metal. That’s it.” He said.

“But wait, you don’t want any sparklies?” I inquired.

“Nope. But I think it’s pretty cool to wear a piece of metal that could save my finger in an accident, though. Plus as you know…the only thing I wear other than my clothes, sometimes my glasses, is a watch. This will be perfect for me.” He explained.

“Well…now I feel….well…I am, spoiled.”

“And that’s how you should feel because…I am, daily. I’m with you.”

*more mush, more mush*

The following day after our wedding, Mr. Yezel and I are leaving for our honeymoon. His parents suggested that we leave our “fancies” at home. So Mr. Yezel and I went to overstock.com and found some bands to take with us that we wouldn’t be upset if they got stolen or lost. I picked a thin white gold band (no green fingers for me). Mr. Yezel picked a titanium band. Seriously, what’s with guys and metals? Regardless, we spent less than a $100 on our now proclaimed ‘travel bands’.

I am counting down the days to the whole kit-n-caboodle. 😉

*photo c/o shaneco.com

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One Response to RINGS


    Smart thinking on the extra bands for the honeymoon. As much as I love “My Precious,” I’d be heartbroken if it somehow got lost or damaged while we’re away.

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