I Loathe You….Physics

Taking a step back from “wedding world”….since we are practically done with everything but a couple small things and I would just like to say: it is three weeks into this fall semester and I LOATHE physics. (wow, if that wasn’t a run on sentence, I don’t know what is).

Anyways, I decided that this semester I would take online classes. (Yes, I’m still doing my graduate classes during—oh my cheezits, that’s right, I went there—the wedding). Especially since they are pretty easy to work ahead on and there’s that upcoming nuptial thing. Case in point, I finished my biotechnology class, already. I have to check into the class a couple times per week to check on discussions…but the work is mainly done. I am however, getting my butt handed to me in physics. Seriously, I avoided physics like the plague in college. I had a horrible time with it in high school – even though I squeaked through with an A. It’s the first class that I’ve taken that I just don’t get. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not like Organic Chemistry I or II but with enough work, I understood things. Physics…I’m just not sure about it.

Just a random question: why do I care what the acceleration of said ball is being thrown upwards over a cliff?

I do care about the periodic table. I do care about mathematical equations. I don’t care about physics. Is it sad that I’ve already bought a similar to physics for dummies book.

Are there any physics geniuses out there that I can borrow for the next semester? S.O.S., seriously.

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