Oh wedding.

I woke up this morning excited. It has finally dawned on me that in 19 days, I will be getting married to Mr. Yezel.

Actually, in all honesty, it dawned on me during the football game we were at on Sunday afternoon. After another “FIRST DOWN” was screamed across the stadium, Mr. Yezel turned around to me (he was in the row ahead of me with some buddies) and randomly kissed me. He motioned the “I heart you” as it was too loud to do anything else.

And then something flipped.


“Mr. Yezel! Mr. Yezel! We’re getting married in 20 days!” I said.
“I know! And in 21 days we’ll be on a flight to our HONEYMOON!” He said.
“Wow, 20 days….it’s like 10 days!” I said.
“Hee hee, Yezel, 20 days is 20 days. 10 days is 10 days.” He laughed.
“I think she means, that she’s excited that there is only 20 days left and 20 days is a small amount of time!” suggest Mr. Yezel’s friend.
“Yes, exactly that!” I said.

I think it’s finally hitting me that after five years of being with Mr. Yezel, we get to call each other husband and wife. Also, after 2.5 years of being engaged, the EVENT is finally here.

“Are you guys excited/worried/stressed/whatever about the wedding?” says EVERYONE.
“I think we are really excited to exchange rings, vows, and be called husband and wife.” We respond. “If possible, we wish we could skip our reception and just move from “You may now kiss the bride” to “Welcome to your Honeymoon!”.

Oh wedding.

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One Response to Oh wedding.

  1. Yay Wedding! Wedding, Hooray!! 😉

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