The princess and the dragon…er…Programs

According to the knot, I have 1 week and 3 days until I become Mrs. Yezel. This little known fact = stress in combination with the fact that school is at about midterm, work has been CRAZY busy, and Mr. Yezel and I decided to refinance the house (seriously – how can you ignore interest rates at 3.75 and wiping fourteen years off our mortgage). Okay, I may have taken on too much. In fact, I was sick yesterday (still am today) probably due to the amount of stress. The good thing: Mr. Yezel has noticed this and has jumped into the Knight in Shining Amour Role.

There are 125 programs to be made. We have 145 guests, so I’m counting on not everyone showing up to the long catholic mass.

Mr. Yezel, seeing me going crazy with the stress of table numbers, wrapping gifts, starting to pack, stressing out about work, stressing out about school decided on one thing: save the sanity of said future wife.

“My dearest princess, I will slayest thee programs.” Sir Yezel said.
“My knight, howest ever will you slayest the nasty program?” I said. Just imagine me in a long princess gown, because that’s how I remember said conversation.
“With your guidance, my lady, I will fold the nasty program. I will punch holes in the nasty program. And finally, I will tie down the nasty program – with lovely ribbons.” Sir Knight responded.
“Once you finish slaying the nasty program, you may have my hand in marriage.” The princess (or I) said.

The good news is we are mostly completed with wedding stuff. We still have to do some standard confirmations but then we’re ready to go.

Left to do:

Send in final numbers to hall.
Finish Seating Chart
Confirm rehearsal dinner numbers.
Finish votive luminaries.
Finish School Work
Get all paperwork in for refi
Get Married

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One Response to The princess and the dragon…er…Programs

  1. I seem to remember it happening that way too. Nice gown. 😉

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