Bachelorette (Part Three and why I hate bachelorette parties)

During the entire day, the maid of honor kept asking everyone if they wanted to order pizza for dinner.

“Guys, what do you want on your pizza?”

Finally, after the Romance Party, the MOH put in an order for pizza. We all sat around laughing. We played catch phrase and then suddenly my door bell rang.

MOH went up to get the door.

“Wait a second, I thought I ordered two pizzas.”
“Nope, I just had the order for the one.” In walked some stranger.

Okay…first thought, what the heck is some random guy doing in my house?
Second thought, dude, what about the pizza?

“Listen, we’re really upset about the pizza. I think you need to call your manager and figure this out.” The MOH continued.
“Nope, I’m here to dance for you!” he said. And then suddenly it dawned on me. He wasn’t a pizza man. HE WAS, dare I say it, a DANCER!

He plugged in a boom box, cerca 1990 and suddenly Justin Timberlake was playing loudly. All the girls in the room screamed and chuckled. I sat there with my hand over my mouth. Honestly scared. And upset. This was the one thing I didn’t want to happen on my bachelorette party. Mr. Yezel and I had both decided against the rowdy parties. We wanted something fun. This was not my fun.

He made me pose for a photo.

He then attempted to get down to work.

In the photo above you can see that my eyes are beginning to water. The dancer was in my house an entire two minutes before I got up and literally ran behind my mom. I then ran into my powder room and would not come out. The MOH kicked the dancer out of the house. My bridesmaids pulled his music. I heard a “its not you, its just she loves her fiancé too much.”

Later that night, Mr. Yezel came home and laughed at me. “They should have known you wouldn’t like it. But its not a big deal. Let’s talk about how cute these bachelorette photos are from the amusement park. And do you want to order pizza tomorrow?”

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