Last day of work

So this is the last day of work for me for a while. Tomorrow begins all the wedding stuff and craziness. After all this “stuff”, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions:

1.) Keep in mind, a wedding is just a one day event. Don’t ever stress yourself because seriously, is Aunt Yezel going to remember your centerpieces? Is she going to remember the wines your picked out? Is she going to remember the music? No. In all honestly she will remember one thing. Did she have a good time, yes or no. And maybe, was the food pretty good?
2.) Take an awesome honeymoon. At this point, all I can think about is our honeymoon. I think that’s honestly what has gotten me through these past couple of weeks. I know our honeymoon is coming and I am excited for that.
3.) RSVPs are crap. Seriously. Some people are very curtious and show lots of respect. But others, well, I can’t be nice and will just say, are asses arrogant. I still don’t get how when we paid and even placed the stamp on the invite, you couldn’t just reply? I wonder if this is how the US Census feels, and that’s why they make door to door visits. If only, family, if only.
4.) Shellac or any of those gelish nails are awesome. Think combo nail polish and gel. They don’t damage your nails and have given me the last two weeks of a perfect manicure, with no chipping. And they strengthen my nails long enough to actually give me long, natural nails.
5.) Have someone other than yourself do your makeup on your wedding. Be pampered. In fact, I’m even going the extra step and getting my hair did on the Friday of our rehearsal dinner. You deserve it. And along those lines, don’t forget the fiance too. I have scheduled a men’s manicure and a men’s pedicure along with a final hair cut for Mr. Yezel.
6.) Even when things are very stressful, be excited. 🙂
7.) Do not take class or overboard yourself with stuff. Seriously. You will run into a teacher who apparently doesn’t realize you can’t work while on your honeymoon.
8.) Facials are a fun excuse of the wedding. 8)
9.) You are marrying the love of your life. Even if something happens on the wedding day, (which I’ve heard always does), at the end you will be the Mr. and Mrs. 😀

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2 Responses to Last day of work

  1. Hey, remember how we talked about you smuggling me in your suitcase to Mexico? You forgot that! Come baaaaack!

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