Baby fever

So at this very moment I am watching Nick Jr, while the cutest little girl ever, our flowergirl, naps. I was lucky enough to be asked to babysit this afternoon. Of course, the hubz is jealous because he’s busy slaving away at work instead of hanging out with the most precious little one, ever.

Over the past few weeks I have been hit bad with baby fever. I’m not sure if it’s because we are finally married or if it’s because we have a house and dog that both scream: “let’s have little ones to play with!” Seriously, our dog is THE dog that NEEDS to hang out with little ones. She loves to play catch. She loves to wrestle. She loves to get into messes and doesn’t mind if you make one, she’s always willing to help clean up. London has even been taught to go to her kennel or safe place when being picked on. (Yep, we’ve trained her to walk away when little ones tug on her ears, poke her eye, or play too rough with her coat.) It’s as if she understood the entire time, “if I pass this, that means I get my own kiddo, right?” It also doesn’t help that we bought a two story ‘family house’ that is so ready for little ones to be running through and making messes (that London will rush in and clean up).

I’m also blaming Facebook. Everyone has posted awesome expectant news and one of my close girlfriends had her first, adorable little girl. As soon as those baby photos were posted, I was mush. I started thinking about what our future babies would be like and have been dwelling on that since.

The only problem, I decided two years ago to completely change my career and become a teacher. While I student teach next fall, right now would not be the oppourtune time for us to begin our family. Even though I’ve even noticed that Mr. Yezel is totally having baby fever too, there is better time ahead of us.

I mean, seriously, when you see this, how can you say no?


Or this…


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One Response to Baby fever

  1. Amy says:

    I hear you. I/We are not ready to have kids right now and we have a lot of things we want to do before we are ready to, but these last few weeks I have been hit HARD with baby fever. It must be the “just married-ness” of it all or something! 🙂

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