My Dog Impersonates a Punk Rocker

London is not a prissy dog. Her AKC papers say that her mom was an awesome show dog and her dad was an amazing hunter. She is none of the above.

Although, she prefers to stay at home, she does have some of her parents attributes. These include hunting her toys, wanting constant brushing (she may carry around her dog brush sometimes), hunting any small animal that creeps into her yard (this also includes the meter man, other dogs, and people walking on her sidewalk). So she has THE life.

Mr. Yezel and I keep London’s hair short. She isn’t groomed in the normal springer way of long, beautiful, flowy hair. She’s kept short so when she decides to roll in the grass, leaves, mud (good grief) all she needs is a quick brush off.

Mr. Yezel and I are usually really good at getting her groomed. Needless to day, we were kinda busy with a special day and honeymoon. So London’s hair became crazy.

Have you ever seen Dispiciple Me? Remember the line of, “it’s do fluffy, I’m gonna die!” Well, that is London. She may have been carrying around 5 extra pounds of London fur.

This weekend, she was finally freed of the hair.

Before (yes, she may be rocking a mohawk):



After (she really didn’t want to stay still until I bribed her with a treat):




She got a frosty paw for all her hard work. (Peanut Butter flavored). London’s the best.

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One Response to My Dog Impersonates a Punk Rocker

  1. You need to dye her faux-hawk pink. It has been decided.

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