I like to plan…

for zombie attacks and asteroid hits. Okay, not really. But I have been reading too many post-apocalyptic-type books lately.

That’s neither here nor there.

I officially have two more weeks left of school this semester. Finally. Seriously, I dislike physics but at least I will have another 4.0 this semester. For loving science as much as I do, I do appreciate physics but much rather stick to my biological sciences.

This means I COULD have just the spring and summer semesters until it’s time to student teach. But that means fall student teaching.(Let’s just point out again how much of a crazy planner I am.) First, to student teach in fall could potentially leave me with twelve, yes twelve months, of working part time. And then guilt ensues as I think about the hubz having the stress of paying for everything practically by himself. Aka, no fun. Second, I cannot guarantee a position by the following school year. Yes, I hope there will be one. Especially since I’ll teach science. But let’s be realistic, the economy sucks. States are cutting money for schools. Teachers are staying longer to save up what still hasn’t recovered from 401k’s or 403b’s. Third, by student teaching in fall, that pretty much guarantees no anniversary trip. You really can’t take a vacation from something, ironically, you are paying for.

So this, in addition to my baby fever has caused Mr. Yezel and I to revaluate timing.

So this is the plan: First, student teach in spring instead of fall. This will make it so I would be part time for only seven months. Also, most school districts love to hire student teachers and guess when positions are announced? April. Second, this gives us the opportunity to save even more. Thirdly, the anniversary trip is back on. Fourth, remember my crazy planning skills? If we attempted the start our family when I want to and everything worked, we would have a baby during summer and I would have the full summer with the baby.(Since my bday is in January, I’ve decided all kids with summer birthdays had it the best). Also, I wouldn’t mind an anniversary baby.

So, it’s official. Spring student teaching. Anniversary trip to Mexico. Yes, we want to go back to our resort. Potential anniversary baby. And increasing our savings.

Did I mention we refinanced our house to a 15 year note with 3.75 interest. My credit cards aren’t even that low. Plus it’s wonderful to know that by the time we have a kid, the kid will be 13 (or younger) when the house is paid off. (I did mention I SUPER plan things out, right?)

And I won’t lie. I may have planned how to survive a zombie attack and how to fortify our house. I blame the books, movies, awesome tv shows, and my fascination with zombie junk.

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One Response to I like to plan…

  1. I think that you should plan out my next two years. You’re far better at it.

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