After the vent…

Yesterday, I got a bunch of pent up “what the heck is my middle sister doing” off my chest. The odd thing about this entire situation is that it has brought my youngest sister and I closer. From the, “Yezel, what do I do, she’s driving me nuts?” to the “Bridezilla is on the prowl again, heads up. You will be getting a nagging text message.” The two of us, like many sisters before us, have decided to be totally hands off with the ordeal and simply to be there to gripe with each other about the situation.

In the meantime, the hubs and I decided quickly, basically once we returned from our honeymoon that we WILL BE GOING BACK. I am proud to announce, we are going back for our one year anniversary. YAY, MEXICO. This time we’ve decided to invite friends along. I called my youngest sister and asked if she would be willing to go – pending she wouldn’t miss too much school next semester. The response, “I am coming. Also, I have to take Spanish for a gen ed. I do think the teacher would agree to Mexico for some extra ‘home’ – rather ‘Mexico work’.

Is it sad that while it is currently 28 degrees outside, I am searching for fun sundresses and maxi dresses to pack for Mexico?

“I know what you’re going through with your middle sister sucks, but at least your youngest sister and you are closer!” Said Mr. Yezel.
“It’s was very semi-sweet situation, to say the least.” I responded.
“I think it’s because of me. [Yezel #3], she loves me.” Said the hubz.
“Oh really? That’s what this all is. I’m glad I finally understand.” 🙂

Did I mention that my youngest sister took charge on my wedding day?

She did the touch-ups on my makeup.

She put on my veil.

She even tried to dry my eyes while I read a love letter from the groom, aka hubz.

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One Response to After the vent…

  1. And AGAIN with the fabulous Yezel #3 hair. I needs it, precious. Wedding hair, right there. 🙂

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