I like to inhale wood dust…

So we got married. Apparently, when you get married lots and lots of fun, fabulous gifts are given. So many, that our dining room was referred to as, “night of the living wedding” and “the wedding that threw up on my dining room”. Notice, not table. The wedding ransacked our entire dining room. Finally, when we could take no more, we decided we needed a China hutch. The problem being that we bought our dining set nearly four years ago and haven’t been able to find a matching hutch. We searched high and low. We went to my favorite furniture store. Antique stores. Nadda. The problem being that our set is black with a cherry top. Black hutches are sorta few and far between, at least ones that would not be over our price range. And then it dawned on me: if I can’t find exactly what I want, why don’t I just make it. Well minus the wood work anyway.

I jumped on Craigslist and found a really pretty hutch.

“This will be the perfect French provincial piece for the dining room!” I had exclaimed to a hubz who didn’t care what the peice would look like, only caring how heavy and if it would fit in the dining notch.

So I bought this. And no, that isn’t our lovely China.


So we researched on how to refurbish a hutch. Lots of prep work goes into pieces like these. I guess I now understand why the antique store was selling at higher than the furniture store prices.

So here are the steps.

1.) Sand, sand, sand until you can’t sand anymore. I am super lucky to have a loving husband because when I decided to go to the hardware store, I went with the intent of buying sand paper and some wood filler. He said, “I’d rather you use a sander.” And I love him for that. My arms were tired after using the sander!

These are the sanding photos.


Yes, lots of details on this piece. I also attempted to sand past the stain on this and certain areas I didn’t. Which I wish I had known, that it’s okay since primer is your friend. Also…it is very important to use some type of protection over your mouth and nose. There are tiny wood particles that can hurt your lung. And though I rocked a killer bandana, I would suggest purchasing a mask for sanding. I still can taste that old stain.


2.) Prime. We bought oil based primer to lock in and cover any stain or what have you. The secret to this: lots of light coats. I think we ended with nearly four coats on the hutch. But we wanted to be sure to cover the stain. (I almost think we could have skipped sanding.)



I even let Mr. Yezel help.


3.) And then we painted it all black. I am actually pretty impressed with how it turned out. Originally I thought, if it sucks, it can go in the basement as a bar. For now, I like it.



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One Response to I like to inhale wood dust…

  1. This looks so nice with your china inside! And I love the crystal. Win!

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