Why the midwest can suck…sometimes…

The Midwest has some of the craziest weather. Where we live, the summers are humid with 100 degree temps, the winters drop to negatives with ice and snow. We wish fall and spring lasted longer but each year they seem to fly by. There are tornados. And speaking of tornados, apparently, my entire life growing up hearing the “tornado sirens” is not common to anyone other than those living in the Midwest. I remember being in suburban Chicago growing up. At the beginning of the month they would “test’ the sirens and teachers would speak louder or schedule gym class – always around 9am. I’ve moved south and west of Chicago as I’ve grown older. And yet the sirens followed me. So one day when I was speaking to a friend from PA, I learned that those sirens are not a common thing. “The people who live around the power plant hear sirens” she had said.


The Midwest is crazy. But apparently our cows, pigs, and agriculture love it.

But, that’s neither here nor there.

This year my family was coming to visit us. It’s a five hour drive from their home to ours. Needless to say, I’ve been tracking the weather like a hawk. I’ve subscribed to my weather channel’s blog. I’m considering tracking down the weatherman for his personal suggestions. This is all due to the fact that a storm is brewing. Its starting in California and…like everything else….moving east. The problem, my family needs to drive west and then drive south. The storm is aiming directly for their route. Our changes of precip are in the 70%. But the question is….will it be snow or ice. Snow you can drive through. Ice. Not. Even. The. Best. Drivers. Succeed. It doesn’t matter if you think you can cruise down the interstate in your giant SUV and stop in time. ICE runs the show when it comes to driving.

So. What does this mean?

No Xmas with my parents – my youngest sister and her boyfriend are planning to leave after the storm, so luckily, we will still get to hang out with them. I’ve already warned the hubz that if this happens, I am going on a baking concourse. There will be so many goodies and treats and sweets that NO ONE will be able to climb off that sugar high.

BTW, since the weather isn’t clearing and the percentage of precip upp’d since I wrote this post….anyone have some awesome recipes to share?

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