How I am Fickle-Minded…

I have wanted an e-reader for a while. But I’m not completely sold on any of the brands….

Until one of my sisters decided for Christmas, we would get my mom one. I had to decide. My mom only wanted a simple reader that she could buy books, save them to her computer, and possibly do some library reads. The woman reads smut. It’s great.
So we decided on a Sony E-reader. She loves it.

The hubz, seeing that I would love an e-reader bought me one as well. (Well, when I bought my mom’s he suggested I change the quantity to 2). Christmas came and went. Literally a couple of weeks went by and I never touched the ereader. The hubz began to ask why? My answer, I’m not sure I want it. I want an ereader because I would love to carry my books on a thin “thing”, throw it in my purse, potentially check out some magazines….WAIT…Sony doesn’t do color! So that left me thinking….I NEED TO EXCHANGE THIS. So I returned the ereader.

I began to obsess over the options. Do I want a NOOK? A Kindle? OMG, remember when I was obsessed with getting an IPAD…but then I got married and forgot about it. MAYBE I WANT AN IPAD.

So after all the researching I decided to list what I want out of said reader. Basically it came down to wanting an IPAD.

SO, did I rush out and buy one? Nope…the reasoning, Apple is coming out with a second generation of the IPAD. Normally, I would ignore this and just buy what I want BUT…there are rumors that said second generation will contain a better screen…better to see you with, my deary. (Sorry, Little Red Riding Hood….) Anyways, I want ze IPAD now. I can already think of all the useful ways to entertain myself.

(Okay side story, when I was playing with our little two-year old cousin this past xmas, I became enthralled in her IPAD. Her dad is a tech genius and her mom is a doctor. Needless to say, I learn what I want from what she has, sometimes. 🙂 We had so much fun playing with the apps. And don’t judge, but I may have to get the sound app when I get said Ipad. When little miss thing, nodded off to nap-ville, I may have played with her IPAD a little, okay, that was a fib. A Lot. There’s an app to play the piano – how I miss mine – and an app to play the violin. IT WAS AWESOME).

So, with all this in consideration, I have decided on one thing: Time needs to fly by so that Apple can do their annual January announcement of “awesome goodies” and also that Apple should go ahead and sell said Ipad in February….okay, March 15th at the latest.


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