I bid you adieu, cold…

For the past week and a couple days, I have been fighting a monster cold. And when I mean monster, I mean – scary dude under your bed from when you were four and too afraid to touch the ground to run to your parents room since said monster would get you, so you would just scream bloody murder for your parents – yay, that monster. I’ve never had a sinus infection, but perhaps this has been the closest I’ve ever come.

I was able to get through lots of reading while sick. A young adult fiction series to consider: The Dead and the Gone. Nothing better than being sick and realizing how much worse it could be.

School reading-I will save you from that boredom.

Autumn. Because zombies, ironically, cure infections.

And below is what happens when you’re too congested, achy, and tired to entertain yourself. Enjoy. Note: I shouldn’t be allowed to play with photo change effect apps.


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2 Responses to I bid you adieu, cold…

  1. BAHAHAHAHA… I love the London pic. Was Autumn worth reading? The first couple of chapters were intriguing.

    • Yezelbelle says:

      Autumn was okay. It filled my need for zombies. I wasn’t super impressed because it read slowly.

      London grew giant eyes and nose due to apps. She’s upset I posted it. 😉

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