It’s been booked….

The last day of our honeymoon, we were both refreshed and saddened.

“How can we leave paradise? We didn’t get to snorkel today, we need more! Promise we will come back for our 1-year anniversary!”

Our honeymoon was fantastic. We woke up each morning, gleaming with the fact that we were married.

“Good morning, Mrs. Yezel.”

“Good morning, Mr. Yezel.”

And we would giggle (literally) when we would talk to other couples. “This is my husband….hee hee.”

It still hasn’t worn off. I still have to constantly think, what is my last name again? I still laugh when he calls me the Mrs. I giggle when I see mail addressed to Mr. and Mrs. And he loves to call us “Team Yezel”. (Note: He usually incorporates some type of fist pound after the Team Yezel announcement.) And he loves to correct anyone that calls me by the maiden name….”Oh, she’s my wife now. Mrs. Yezel. *TEAM YEZEl*”

Can you believe that it’s been four months since that day? It feels like yesterday!

We discussed our 1-year anniversary.

SO, today, I booked our trip back to paradise. Granted it’s the middle of winter, where today’s high is 4 degrees and I am drinking coconut water, but I am longing for the beautiful beach. I am longing for the romantic sunsets. Perhaps I am longing to makeout with my husband *hee hee* on the beach under the moon, listening to the waves. And yes, I’m even excited for Benito, our server from the beach (okay, he was funny, awesome, and watched over our area and stuff while we went in the water).

And I am so incredibly excited to say: “Mr. Yezel, my wonderful husband, this has been the most fabulous year ever. I love that we are celebrating in the most gorgeous place ever. Go *Team Yezel*”


Photos from OUR HONEYMOON!

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