Snow makes me WANT Mexico

I look outside and see lots of snow….but then the radio stations play songs like The Dirty Heads/Lay me Down….

Well you’re my green-eyed girl And I’ve been running around with you.
It’s the afternoon and we got nothing left to do.
So wipe the dirt off, eh Take shirt off,
And we should go hit the cantina, We got work off.
I said it’s hot outside Let me go swimming in your eyes.
We’ve been running for a while
Why don’t you lay it on and make smile.
I could never ask for nothing better than this.
It’s just tequila and the beach, thats why its salty when we kiss.

I said I think that we can stay here,
Cause I feel our time has come.
And we can walk down to the ocean,
And sit with the rising sun.
So unpack your bags this instant,
No more running from town to town
And now that we’ve arrive so safely,
Baby you can lay me down.

(lyrics from Lay me Down by the Dirty Heads)

Ahh, Mexico, how much longer until we see each other again?

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