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Simple Update

I only lost 1.6lbs this week. I think I hit a lull. Total loss: 18.4 The hubbz is an allstar.-4.5 lbs Boys and their boy metabolism suck. Advertisements

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Married Life

“So, how are you liking married life?” We’ve been asked this question a lot. We were asked it when we were weeks into our marriage. Seriously, even the day after our marriage. Don’t get me wrong. Mr. Yezel and I … Continue reading

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Glee woulda been awesome…

This diet thing is still amazing me. Me: down 3.4, total loss 16.8 Hubbz: down 3, total 17.2 So, I’m proud. I was able to lose 3.4 and this is after Valentine’s Day and how my husband surprised me with … Continue reading

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One month in…

So bloggity world, the hubbz and I are one month into the diet. I have weighed in today and so has he. Hubz-lost 3 more lbs! He has lost 14.2 lbs! He’s still beating me. Stupid boy metabolism. Me-lost 2.4! … Continue reading

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So, Mr. Yezel and I made a plan three weeks ago. It involved….gasp….dieting. My husband is not overweight. Sadly (since I’m so competitive and like to win), he still has the metabolism of that 18 year old boy (but good … Continue reading

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