So, Mr. Yezel and I made a plan three weeks ago. It involved….gasp….dieting.

My husband is not overweight. Sadly (since I’m so competitive and like to win), he still has the metabolism of that 18 year old boy (but good for me, because he still looks like that hot man!). My metabolism probably stopped when I stopped playing sports year round or walking to class in college.

So, slowly, over our 6 years together we have each put on some extra weight. My husband says he gained an extra 40 lbs. I think I’ve gained nearly double that. Hey, it’s what happens when you live together, try out recipes, use your mom’s recipes (yes, she’s Sicilian) (I think her favorite phrase is ABUDANZA!), and move to a town which is sinuously known as Fat City. It also doesn’t help that in the next year, we want to start the Yezel clan. We both want to be at healthy weights. As we both look at our families we see some strong facts….both sets of parents are on a few medications. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, I want the furthest thing from medications for the husband and I. Plus, we both want to be around for our kids for as long as we possibly can.

So, back to our plan. I signed up for weight watchers at work. While he is not officially signed up with weight watchers we both use a tracker we found for our phones and a calculator I bought during one of the meetings. The goal….by our anniversary trip to have lost the weight we both want. The facts: we have adjusted EVERYTHING about eating. That deep fat fryer we received as a wedding gift, well, it’s gathering dust. Our Costco adventures are no longer there for fun-runs to buy large amounts of cheese or steaks – its for large quantities of super fresh veggies and fruit (yes, I believe Costco may have some of the best fruit). We shop differently, calculating the amount of fat per serving, figuring if we can afford that desert with our given weight watcher daily points. And what I think is the most important, we using fruits as snacks and serve vegetables with every dinner.

And honestly, it has been working! In just three weeks of doing these meetings and working towards our goals, we are rocking the figures!

Mr. Yezel – 11.3lbs lost

Mrs. Yezel – 10.8lbs lost

By losing just this little amount of weight, both Mr. Yezel and I have noticed that we have more energy! The first week, I wont lie, was sort of tough. I focused on my tummy growling. But now, its odd. I set out our portions (as they have been measured) and notice, dude, I’m not even hungry for that!

So dear internet, until October, keep me on task!

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    You guys rock!

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