Glee woulda been awesome…

This diet thing is still amazing me.

Me: down 3.4, total loss 16.8
Hubbz: down 3, total 17.2

So, I’m proud. I was able to lose 3.4 and this is after Valentine’s Day and how my husband surprised me with two dozen roses, a teddy bear (which London seems to have hidden-you can take that as killed-ripping out stuffing and tearing eyes…or that the hubbz moved it to safety), and….a box of chocolates. Now these are no ordinary chocolates. They are the special, expensive, devil chocolates. Especially to anyone on a diet. But I had some and made the hubbz eat some. And then we tossed the dark and white chocolate ones. (Yes, milk chocolate milks…I mean melts my heart.)

There has also been some fun drama with my middle sister. Since my youngest sister and I are maid/matron of honor, we get to plan the bachelorette party. The problem: she vetos every idea we’ve given her. There have been calls, emails, and long, long chats. I really wanted to do a glee party. Everyone could dress up in the favorite character outfit, watch some glee, listen to glee while doing Bach games and then finally head to a karaoke bar. Veto. The youngest sister worked her magic and we are now headed to a piano bar. The first idea, all along. Geez. Drama, drama, drama.

Is it Mexico yet?

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One Response to Glee woulda been awesome…

  1. I think that you and youngest Yezel should come up with a bachelorette party planning business. For those of us who don’t want to go out and get wasteyfaced.

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