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Guilty, but not sure why…

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, yes, it is true. A horrible thing happened this afternoon. As I climbed the notorious scale, I realized something. I HAD PUT A GAIN ON THE SCALE. The sad fact, since doing weight watchers, … Continue reading

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Who’s excited to wear electric pink?

My sister decided on a Bill Levkoff dress for her bridesmaids. The youngest sister and I are standing out a wee bit since our dresses have an ivory sash. The rest of the girls are just in hot pink. Below … Continue reading

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Hubbz is down 3.4lbs this week. He ate all his points most days this week. I am down .8 lbs. Down 29.4 lbs. But I usually left 15pts each day, which is not so good, apparently. I was sort of … Continue reading

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Hairy London

Today started in a sing-songy fashion. I created a song that I was singing to our dog London while I was packing my lunch for the day. (Sang to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey” or as us … Continue reading

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Dear Steve Jobs…

So I thought I was crazy ordering my Ipad at 6:00am cst. When I finally ordered my Ipad and cover, it had said the cover would ship in 1-2 business days and the Ipad would ship in 5-7 business days. … Continue reading

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Ipad Day

On Wednesday night, after I got through a day of teaching and videotaping…(Yes, I get to grade myself. Teaching was awesome, considering I taught asexual reproduction in plants, and has totally reiterated the fact that teaching is what I should … Continue reading

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Weigh in day…

I have decided that I need to do something drastic when I get to my goal weight. This something drastic is…to eat cake. Well no, that’s not it. It’s to skydive. The hubbz has wanted to do it forever. While … Continue reading

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