Ipad Day

On Wednesday night, after I got through a day of teaching and videotaping…(Yes, I get to grade myself. Teaching was awesome, considering I taught asexual reproduction in plants, and has totally reiterated the fact that teaching is what I should do)…the hubbz and I relaxed as we watched a movie (Red…which is awesome) and had a fire going in the fireplace. As normal, I passed out around 10:15. The hubbz made me go to bed (yes, I was cranky and yes, he’s working his night swing shift). However around 3:00am I started dreaming of camp fires and marshmallows. Which then turned into fires. I awoke quickly to the smell of smoke in our house. I ran down the stairs to the main floor and the starting screaming for the hubbz. He ran up from the basement. His response: “oops, I must have shut the flute too soon.” Grrr. So I started the task of airing out the house and febreezing anything and everything. Yesterday. The House. Still. Smelled. Like. Smoke. The hubbz even bought four dozen roses (they were on sale). Making up much? Three dozen for me and one for our dog. Our dog is really a human, by the way. And she was really upset on Wednesday. And still smells like a campfire. Don’t worry, pink and white roses rank high in her world. She even sniffs them occasionally. So yes, the house is slowly airing out. It helps that it will be above 55 today.

Also, this week was not really a big time scale victory. I lost .2 lbs. But as I figured from last week, I probably lost a lot of water weight from being sick. At least I kept it off. The hubbz lost 3 lbs and is within 10lbs of his goal weight.

Regardless, no small loss or smokey smelling house will hide the fact that today is IPAD day….Muhahaha. (I already bought mine).

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