Dear Steve Jobs…

So I thought I was crazy ordering my Ipad at 6:00am cst. When I finally ordered my Ipad and cover, it had said the cover would ship in 1-2 business days and the Ipad would ship in 5-7 business days. For some reason, I wasn’t able to change the type of shipping. I was stuck with ‘standard shipping’. I figured 5-7 business days was better than standing in line for the Ipad and possibly leaving empty handed. PLUS – I was able to get my Ipad engraved.

There is only a minute problem arising. I will be traveling (without the hubbz) for my sister’s wedding shower. While my flight isn’t 5+ hours, I had hoped that I would be able to play with the Ipad while traveling. Currently, the timeline is cutting things rather close.

According to the Apple website, I should receive my order the week of my travels up until the Tuesday after I get home. The cover shipped to me in 2 days. So if its keeping to that method…perhaps I’ll see the Ipad 2-3 days after it ships? I even was gutsy enough to call Apple and see if I could get expedited shipping. (No, its not offered). The rep did explain that it should ship next week.

Here’s to holding my breathe and crossing my fingers….momma doesn’t want to be bored out of her gourd during her trip. (Also, I don’t want to come back from my trip to find that the hubbz has installed a BUNCH of random star wars or castle games on said Ipad. Dude, its my glorified reader!!!!)

AND….this weekend may become weekend of movies. I am going to literally drag my husband to the movies to see at least one (hoping for two) movies in theatres. First off….there’s pAUL. Oh, how I think Simon Pegg is the best thing since sliced bread…mind you, I’m totally obsessed with Zombies…and Shaun of the Dead may or may not be my most favorite movie of the past 10 years. So since pAUL has Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it….we are required to see it. (Seriously, I have always been impressed by their work, thinking of HOT FUZZ makes me giggle still!)

And then of course there’s a bunch of guy flicks. I think we want to see Battle: Los Angeles as simply an action flick but who knows. I am sort of boycotting the Bradley Cooper flick since I think he sucks is not the best actor…rather, I hate the characters he always plays….the cocky jerk.

And as usual, we have our weekly weight loss update.

Hubbz – He was super upset this week….gained 1.2 lbs. He is still under 200lbs so I keep telling him to be happy…He still lost over 25lbs! (He didn’t have to work nearly as much this week and spent much time lounging around the house.)

Yezel – I lost 4lbs. YAY! A total of 28.6lbs. (Oh, that’s right, I’m kicking his butt) Something that totally rocked me this week….I’ve been drinking lots of water and upping my percentage of fiber-rich foods.

(Photos from Shaun of the Dead site and Bradley Cooper photo from the movie, Hangover)

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