Who’s excited to wear electric pink?

My sister decided on a Bill Levkoff dress for her bridesmaids. The youngest sister and I are standing out a wee bit since our dresses have an ivory sash. The rest of the girls are just in hot pink. Below is an image from the website of our dresses.

Notice in the above photo, the model’s toes are not showing.

Everyone ordered their dresses in November. Here’s the issue we are currently facing. The lady who measured everyone, decided to add 1-2 sizes to our measurements since “the dresses run small”. Fine. However, since I’m already 5’11”, she added another size to “add length” since “this dress does not come in extra long sizes”. So I ordered 3 sizes larger than I wore in November. And would you know it, by adding the three sizes to the dress, the cost of my dress also went up. Yippee.

This weekend, while in Chicago, I got to try on my dress for the first time. The first thing I noticed from the dress tag was: ‘this dress comes in extra sizes and extra length’. Wonderful. You mean I could have gotten a dress closer to my size and my toes would not be showing? I put on the dress and held it like I normally would any other dress and had my sister zip it up, expecting the dress to be a little large but a quick alteration would solve it. She laughed and immediately said, “there’s no point in you unzipping the dress, you can step in and out of it its so large on you, in fact, you can fit a basketball in there”. Yes, I have lost 30lbs but seriously, my clothes are not that much different. I’ve dropped a size or two. But now I’m looking at this dress being 5 sizes too large and too short. My toes show. The extra size did not add any extra length. I guess I will have to crouch for my sister’s wedding photos to hide my toes.

Now I would have been fine with the alternations, yes 5-6 sizes is ridiculously too large but then I heard about my cousin. She was told to order a size larger too. She’s a wee little stick, size 2 at most. The bridal shop had her order a size 4. The junior bridesmaid ordered a size 0. My cousin tried on the junior bridesmaid’s dress and she fits in the size 0, perfectly. If you ask me, I’m assuming the dressing actually runs big!

So Mom is contacting the bridal store to see what they have to say about this. We will just have to see.

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One Response to Who’s excited to wear electric pink?

  1. You didn’t tell me about this excitement. OY.

    I think that Jennifer should probably pass out sunglasses with that procession of putrescence walking down the aisle. 😉

    Not that you gorgeous girls are putrid. More that the color is. I shall shut up now.

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