Guilty, but not sure why…

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, yes, it is true. A horrible thing happened this afternoon. As I climbed the notorious scale, I realized something. I HAD PUT A GAIN ON THE SCALE. The sad fact, since doing weight watchers, I don’t eat all my points. I was starting to hit a lull, so my leader suggested eating all pts. I did.

So to compromise, I’m going to not do as crazy as I had but not eat all points either. (The hubbz says I’m putting on muscle weight, and that’s why I’m seeing a gain.)

So…without further adieu…
I gained 1.4lbs. Now my loss is only 28lbs.
Hubbz also gained (that’s what bar food and a couple beers do to a guy when the wife is out of town and the coworkers are in) 2.5 lbs.

Let’s hope next week pans out!

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