The joy of the six pack.

My husband has been doing the weight loss thing with me. Granted, he has boy metabolism and drops weight a lot quicker than I do. (He has even snuck some bad to eat foods and still managed to lose.)

My husband’s weight was all around his midsection. As he dropped weight, it melted off his waist. This drop of weight also brought back….his sex-ay midsection and what I have referred to as “the V’s”.

Just for some “research” about what the ‘V’ looks like…below is some yummy, Ryan Reynolds from People Magazine.

This weight thing, well, it rocks even if he refuses to go shopping.

"Dear, we need to go get you more jeans!" I have said to him.
"NO! I like these….and they are baggy."
"Honey, you are unintentially sagging your pants."
"Well, I’ll just tighten the belt more."
"Then I feel I should start calling you ‘bro’ or ‘gramps’."
"Yes, I would….bro…or do you prefer, gramps?"

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