At Work Meetings are done?!?

Last week, my at-work program for weight loss concluded. The way the program works, they need around 15 people from work to sign up for the program to continue. Currently, they still need 5 more people. So I went to the husband to see what he suggested. After all, the hubz has been doing the program the entire time, at home. He had been getting pointers from me but as long as I bought the books and we had the WW apps, he’s been able to take care of everything at home. He suggested that I try at-home for a while. I could always get back into the online information if I wanted or if I needed an extra kick, attend a meeting here and there. SO, that’s the plan for now. We’re going to continue the program but by doing it at home.

So, I weighed in last Thursday, and here are our stats:
–I lost .8 lbs and am currently down 34 lbs.
–The hubz lost 2.5 lbs and is currently back to being down 28lbs.

The hubz and I are taking this diet to heart. It is important to us that we stay with it and even after we reach our goals, to stay with it. We want to have a healthy family in the future. This is one sure way to secure that.

Easter is this weekend. While this weekend is crazy homework weekend (yay finals next week), this also means that we will not be able to travel home to our families for the holiday. So, instead, one of our couple friends will be coming over for Easter. BTW, is it fair to suggest that due to Easter, I should be allowed to get a “new” Easter dress? Hey – it’s Easter! Since our friends are not on WW, we’re attempting to make a meal that’s not obviously a DIET meal….so here goes the menu I’m thinking thus far (courtesy of ww recipes):

Raspberry Glazed Ham – 5pts per serving
Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower – 2 pts per serving
Green Beans with Caramelized Onions – 1 pt per serving
Spinach with Tomatoes and Feta Salad – 3 pts per serving

They don’t sound too healthy, do they? Glazed, mashed, caramelized, and feta don’t really speak healthy to me. Let’s just hope everything turns out.

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