May, the month of weddings

On Easter the hubz and I dressed up for Mass. He decided, Easter was the best time to start breaking in his new burgundy shoes we bought with his brand new suit, after we got married. First off, he tried on a pair of navy pinstripe slacks that he was able to wear once. And let me tell you…they looked sex-ay and they fit! For the past three years they had not fit him well (nor buttoned). So then he decided to put the belt on that matched the shoes. He slid it on but realized quickly that there wasn’t a belt hole that would work for him. The belt was too big. So I told him to try and exchange it for a smaller size when he had free time.

Yesterday was his free time. He went in, without a hassle. When I got home from work, it suddenly dawned on me, if the belt didn’t fit how would the suit? And the suit had been tailored to fit him, oh no! So while I was preparing dinner he tried on a suit. It fit. Too bad the suit he tried on was a pinstripe from high school and not the recent $800 suit we bought. So I sent him back upstairs to “try on the new one this time”. He came downstairs barely able to hold up the pants. “I think this is too big.”

We ran back to Men’s Warehouse. Now let me tell you something…I am super impressed with this company. The Hubz came in and besides the fact that the man who had helped the Hubz earlier instantly recognizing him, he went above and beyond. The Hubz had lost 4 sizes. Instead of charging us for an extra suit, he simply traded it in for a smaller size (all we had to pay for were alterations). The best part: everything will be done by May 4th, time for the wedding on the 7th. And then again for the rehearsal dinner on the 13th. And why not another wedding on the 21st. Oh yeah.

Brides out there: use Seriously, I have never been more satisfied as a customer.

Update today:
I lost 1.6lbs. Total lost 36lbs.
The hubz lost 4 lbs. Total lost 32.

Note: When you lose weight you are super excited to buy new pretty clothes. I however am the typical girl. I buy clothes, forget I own them, and fall upon them later. This instance happened this morning. Around Xmas I bought a cute black dress. I decided that I had wanted to wear it today. I tried it on for the first time since Xmas. Too big. Unlike the hubz, I can’t just return this one. It was bought on the sale rack. I think its almost time for me to hit up a consignment shop.

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