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I’mmmmm Bbbbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk…

Okay. So it’s been a year-ish since I’ve written in the blog. Let’s she, how have things changed… 1) Weight loss – I’m down 85 lbs. I’m proud to be in my high school size (you better believe I put … Continue reading

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Where has the time gone?

Would you believe that it is already November? Things are going steadily along. I’m still working on this semester’s classes. The time is ticking down to when I get to teach and I am super excited to do so! Last … Continue reading

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Is only a little while away. In short, what does this mean? -wedding in hburg! -anniversary to Mexico -um, Halloween. Yes, we have already begun the find the Halloween costumes this year. I’m still up in the air on ideas. … Continue reading

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Um, Hi.

I fell off the face of earth. And it’s only going to get worse. Summer grad school has begun, volleyball leagues are crazy, and…well it’s summer. Summer = fun stuff. Update: I have lost 48.4 total pounds. My husband and … Continue reading

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May, the month of weddings

On Easter the hubz and I dressed up for Mass. He decided, Easter was the best time to start breaking in his new burgundy shoes we bought with his brand new suit, after we got married. First off, he tried … Continue reading

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At Work Meetings are done?!?

Last week, my at-work program for weight loss concluded. The way the program works, they need around 15 people from work to sign up for the program to continue. Currently, they still need 5 more people. So I went to … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, update.

The hubbz gained 1.2 lbs. We think its because he’s been a little inactive. He still lost over 26lbs! I lost 5.2 lbs. Total lost 32.2 lbs. I blame my volleyball league, or perhaps zumba, heck maybe it was the … Continue reading

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