The joy of the six pack.

My husband has been doing the weight loss thing with me. Granted, he has boy metabolism and drops weight a lot quicker than I do. (He has even snuck some bad to eat foods and still managed to lose.)

My husband’s weight was all around his midsection. As he dropped weight, it melted off his waist. This drop of weight also brought back….his sex-ay midsection and what I have referred to as “the V’s”.

Just for some “research” about what the ‘V’ looks like…below is some yummy, Ryan Reynolds from People Magazine.

This weight thing, well, it rocks even if he refuses to go shopping.

"Dear, we need to go get you more jeans!" I have said to him.
"NO! I like these….and they are baggy."
"Honey, you are unintentially sagging your pants."
"Well, I’ll just tighten the belt more."
"Then I feel I should start calling you ‘bro’ or ‘gramps’."
"Yes, I would….bro…or do you prefer, gramps?"

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Guilty, but not sure why…

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, yes, it is true. A horrible thing happened this afternoon. As I climbed the notorious scale, I realized something. I HAD PUT A GAIN ON THE SCALE. The sad fact, since doing weight watchers, I don’t eat all my points. I was starting to hit a lull, so my leader suggested eating all pts. I did.

So to compromise, I’m going to not do as crazy as I had but not eat all points either. (The hubbz says I’m putting on muscle weight, and that’s why I’m seeing a gain.)

So…without further adieu…
I gained 1.4lbs. Now my loss is only 28lbs.
Hubbz also gained (that’s what bar food and a couple beers do to a guy when the wife is out of town and the coworkers are in) 2.5 lbs.

Let’s hope next week pans out!

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Who’s excited to wear electric pink?

My sister decided on a Bill Levkoff dress for her bridesmaids. The youngest sister and I are standing out a wee bit since our dresses have an ivory sash. The rest of the girls are just in hot pink. Below is an image from the website of our dresses.

Notice in the above photo, the model’s toes are not showing.

Everyone ordered their dresses in November. Here’s the issue we are currently facing. The lady who measured everyone, decided to add 1-2 sizes to our measurements since “the dresses run small”. Fine. However, since I’m already 5’11”, she added another size to “add length” since “this dress does not come in extra long sizes”. So I ordered 3 sizes larger than I wore in November. And would you know it, by adding the three sizes to the dress, the cost of my dress also went up. Yippee.

This weekend, while in Chicago, I got to try on my dress for the first time. The first thing I noticed from the dress tag was: ‘this dress comes in extra sizes and extra length’. Wonderful. You mean I could have gotten a dress closer to my size and my toes would not be showing? I put on the dress and held it like I normally would any other dress and had my sister zip it up, expecting the dress to be a little large but a quick alteration would solve it. She laughed and immediately said, “there’s no point in you unzipping the dress, you can step in and out of it its so large on you, in fact, you can fit a basketball in there”. Yes, I have lost 30lbs but seriously, my clothes are not that much different. I’ve dropped a size or two. But now I’m looking at this dress being 5 sizes too large and too short. My toes show. The extra size did not add any extra length. I guess I will have to crouch for my sister’s wedding photos to hide my toes.

Now I would have been fine with the alternations, yes 5-6 sizes is ridiculously too large but then I heard about my cousin. She was told to order a size larger too. She’s a wee little stick, size 2 at most. The bridal shop had her order a size 4. The junior bridesmaid ordered a size 0. My cousin tried on the junior bridesmaid’s dress and she fits in the size 0, perfectly. If you ask me, I’m assuming the dressing actually runs big!

So Mom is contacting the bridal store to see what they have to say about this. We will just have to see.

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Hubbz is down 3.4lbs this week. He ate all his points most days this week.

I am down .8 lbs. Down 29.4 lbs. But I usually left 15pts each day, which is not so good, apparently.

I was sort of concerned today. I have been doing everything right. I also average 2.5 lbs lost per week. But this week, not so much. So I decided to speak with my weight loss leader today and she reviewed everything for me. Looks like I’m not eating enough of my daily points and should not be avoiding my two servings of oil.

Now I need to come up with creative ways to eat oil. And I think it was possibly bad news to hear “eat more” when I’m heading to Chicago this weekend. Dun, dun, dun.

Oh, and the Ipad was delivered today. I HAVE ENTERTAINMENT FOR TOMORROW’S FLIGHT!

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Hairy London


Today started in a sing-songy fashion. I created a song that I was singing to our dog London while I was packing my lunch for the day. (Sang to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey” or as us scouts know, “On Top of Spaghetti”)

Oh, where is my Hair-y
Little Lo—uh-on-don.
Who’s become quiet smell-ey
And 10lbs heav-i-er

She’s getting groomed
Today she will smell
So-oh much better
And won’t look like hell

Her appointments at 9
In the mor-ning
After just an ho-ur
She’ll be fresh li-ke spring

(and then suddenly it switched to the theme of Lassie)

London, London, oh London
You will smell so clean!
You will feel so much better
10lb lighter is the dream!

Yes, and all the while, London wags her tail a mile a minute while I make a fool out of my singing abilities. I’ve learned that it works to pysch up the dog for her grooming appointments. She does fairly well but I bid that in strength to my psyching up the dog. I left for work, leaving the hubbz to take her to get groomed. For some reason, the hubbz decided to stay up til 4:00am this morning. And fell asleep moments after I woke him this morning as I left. Poor London is going to miss her grooming appointment. Sadly, I will have to break out my song and dance routine probably in another couple of weeks. Oh, but she will get excited again. Oh yes, she will.

Update, she was there for her appointment. Picture will be posted of none shaggy doggy.:-)

Update #2:

What a happy, little, London with her bandana.

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Dear Steve Jobs…

So I thought I was crazy ordering my Ipad at 6:00am cst. When I finally ordered my Ipad and cover, it had said the cover would ship in 1-2 business days and the Ipad would ship in 5-7 business days. For some reason, I wasn’t able to change the type of shipping. I was stuck with ‘standard shipping’. I figured 5-7 business days was better than standing in line for the Ipad and possibly leaving empty handed. PLUS – I was able to get my Ipad engraved.

There is only a minute problem arising. I will be traveling (without the hubbz) for my sister’s wedding shower. While my flight isn’t 5+ hours, I had hoped that I would be able to play with the Ipad while traveling. Currently, the timeline is cutting things rather close.

According to the Apple website, I should receive my order the week of my travels up until the Tuesday after I get home. The cover shipped to me in 2 days. So if its keeping to that method…perhaps I’ll see the Ipad 2-3 days after it ships? I even was gutsy enough to call Apple and see if I could get expedited shipping. (No, its not offered). The rep did explain that it should ship next week.

Here’s to holding my breathe and crossing my fingers….momma doesn’t want to be bored out of her gourd during her trip. (Also, I don’t want to come back from my trip to find that the hubbz has installed a BUNCH of random star wars or castle games on said Ipad. Dude, its my glorified reader!!!!)

AND….this weekend may become weekend of movies. I am going to literally drag my husband to the movies to see at least one (hoping for two) movies in theatres. First off….there’s pAUL. Oh, how I think Simon Pegg is the best thing since sliced bread…mind you, I’m totally obsessed with Zombies…and Shaun of the Dead may or may not be my most favorite movie of the past 10 years. So since pAUL has Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it….we are required to see it. (Seriously, I have always been impressed by their work, thinking of HOT FUZZ makes me giggle still!)

And then of course there’s a bunch of guy flicks. I think we want to see Battle: Los Angeles as simply an action flick but who knows. I am sort of boycotting the Bradley Cooper flick since I think he sucks is not the best actor…rather, I hate the characters he always plays….the cocky jerk.

And as usual, we have our weekly weight loss update.

Hubbz – He was super upset this week….gained 1.2 lbs. He is still under 200lbs so I keep telling him to be happy…He still lost over 25lbs! (He didn’t have to work nearly as much this week and spent much time lounging around the house.)

Yezel – I lost 4lbs. YAY! A total of 28.6lbs. (Oh, that’s right, I’m kicking his butt) Something that totally rocked me this week….I’ve been drinking lots of water and upping my percentage of fiber-rich foods.

(Photos from Shaun of the Dead site and Bradley Cooper photo from the movie, Hangover)

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Ipad Day

On Wednesday night, after I got through a day of teaching and videotaping…(Yes, I get to grade myself. Teaching was awesome, considering I taught asexual reproduction in plants, and has totally reiterated the fact that teaching is what I should do)…the hubbz and I relaxed as we watched a movie (Red…which is awesome) and had a fire going in the fireplace. As normal, I passed out around 10:15. The hubbz made me go to bed (yes, I was cranky and yes, he’s working his night swing shift). However around 3:00am I started dreaming of camp fires and marshmallows. Which then turned into fires. I awoke quickly to the smell of smoke in our house. I ran down the stairs to the main floor and the starting screaming for the hubbz. He ran up from the basement. His response: “oops, I must have shut the flute too soon.” Grrr. So I started the task of airing out the house and febreezing anything and everything. Yesterday. The House. Still. Smelled. Like. Smoke. The hubbz even bought four dozen roses (they were on sale). Making up much? Three dozen for me and one for our dog. Our dog is really a human, by the way. And she was really upset on Wednesday. And still smells like a campfire. Don’t worry, pink and white roses rank high in her world. She even sniffs them occasionally. So yes, the house is slowly airing out. It helps that it will be above 55 today.

Also, this week was not really a big time scale victory. I lost .2 lbs. But as I figured from last week, I probably lost a lot of water weight from being sick. At least I kept it off. The hubbz lost 3 lbs and is within 10lbs of his goal weight.

Regardless, no small loss or smokey smelling house will hide the fact that today is IPAD day….Muhahaha. (I already bought mine).

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